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Seven Ash (OO)

This layout first appeared on the exhibition circuit at Rail Ex Taunton and has recently been booked to appear at the Old Oak Common Open Day on 2nd September 2017.

Seven Ash is based on the turntable stabling point at London's famous Old Oak Common depot and is set between 1967 and 1972. Over 40 locomotives from the Western Region hydraulic classes of Westerns, Warships, Hymeks and NBL Baby Warships feature although a few diesel electrics can be seen ranging from Brush type 2s, type 4s to the prototype Falcon.

All locomotives that operate are renumbered, detailed and weathered to represent the wide variety of liveries that graced the transition era from green and maroon to the newly introduced corporate blue with double arrow emblem. Seven Ash features DCC control which includes operation of the turntable.

Background History and Information

Old Oak Common TMD is a Traction Maintenance Depot to the west of London, in Old Oak Common. In the days of steam the depot was a huge complex incorporating many structures and was allocated the shed code 81A. With a reduction in steam traction and the implementation of the Beeching axe, in March 1964 the decision was taken to move the remaining steam locomotive allocation to the 1950s designed Southall MPD, and reconstruct Old Oak Common as a diesel depot.

Within a year the majority of the GWR 1906 depot was demolished; with only "The Factory" repair shop, furthest western turntable and parts of the stores r emaining. The main service building had 3 tracks, each holding two locos, with inspection pits, fuel supply points and a washing plant on the approach road. Although smaller than the original complex the depot remained the main facility for the storage and servicing of locomotives and multiple-units from Paddington Station. The depot code was OC for the diesel depot.

See the turntable in action with this film set in 1988

Overhead view of Old Oak Common clearly showing the remaining turntable and 'The Factory' repair shop.

If you are interested in booking this layout for exhibition then please contact Steve Pike for further details and infomation.

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