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Waveybridge (OO)

The original Waveybridge layout was constructed from various 'bits and bobs' that had been discarded by other layouts and were lying around the clubhouse. It was designed to be a first venture into DCC control by the club using the Bachmann Dynamis control system. It appeared at the Spring Gala Weekend on the West Somerset Railway (Minehead Station) in March 2013. Shortly after this debut it was broken up although the base boards were salvaged to be used as the basis of Waveybridge II.

Waveybridge II progressed steadily with track laid and ballasted. Electrical wiring of the junction board proved a real challenge even for the electrical guru Graham. The layout was placed into storage in 2014 for three months while a new clubroom was found. Once unpacked and assembled in the new club room it became apparent that the old baseboards did not cope well with storage and after endless problems with baseboard alignment it was decided to scrap all aspects of Waveybridge II.

Scratch built goods shed.

Waveybridge Rises Again!
Undeterred by the previous setbacks, Waveybridge III was soon being planned under the leadership and guidance of Gordon. The club members involved with this incarnation of Waveybridge decided to return to basics by redesigning the supporting legs for the new baseboards.

It was quickly realized that the supporting legs had to be modified in such a way as to secure the boards to the support legs and enable the sections of boards to be bolted securely together.

At the same time one genius (who will remain anonymous) decided it would be a great idea to build the baseboards in curved segments and as a result Waveybridge is roughly a stretched S shape 25ft long.With this duly done, lining paper was laid on top of the boards and track plans were drawn out and agreed plus the general formation of the scenery and station layout. Track laying and wiring began in earnest using code 75 track and Seep point motors controlling turnouts which should enable the layout to be DCC controlled.

Station platform: waiting for the next train.
The Final Layout
Waveybridge has an unusual 'Wavey' design and represents the terminus of a Southern Region secondary line during the 1960s. The passenger service is frequent and often in the hands of the successful V class of steam locomotive, more commonly known as the Schools class, designed by Richard Maunsell. It is not uncommon to see a Wainwright H class steam locomotive make an appearance accompanied by a British Railways (Southern) ex-Maunsell push/pull set. Freight traffic makes an appearance to service the coal staithes and the adjacent goods shed. The station has no run round facility so a station pilot is kept busy redistributing coaching stock and freight wagons.

The layout boasts a range of card scratch built structures including the station building (based on Portsmouth Arms), goods shed, platform shelters, pub, coal office, signal box and a derelict building. All trees on the layout have been hand built to suit the environment in which they have been planted.

The coal yard.

Scratch build signalbox including detailed interior.
If you are interested in booking this layout for an exhibition then please contact the Club Secretary - details on the Committee page - for further details and infomation.

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