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Winterbarton (OO)

Winterbarton is a small hamlet which is a very scenic place. Lush green fields abound but the scene is dominated by a substantial and impressive rocky ridge. The high ridge is split in the centre by a deep ravine known locally as Ron's Ravine. The ravine channels water from the high moors via an impressive water chute into a deep murky lake which has a central island shrouded mystery.

Legend states that the island in the middle of the lake is home to the last surviving dinosaurs which are rumoured to be members of a local model railway club based in Washford. On sunny days a shy mermaid can sometimes be spotted relaxing by the stream.

The railway and station of Winterbarton serve the local community comprised of a few houses, school and the odd farm building. The pace of life is slow in Winterbarton and the rail traffic is comprised of local passenger trains combined with the occasional freight duty to serve the needs of the local population and farming community.

The layout is completed but undergoing additional fine detailing and will be appearing anywhere where young people need to be entertained. It is a regular visitor to the Thomas the Tank engine weekend on the West Somerset Railway.

If you are interested in booking this layout for exhibition then please contact Jack Sully (SRMC Chairman) for further details and infomation.

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