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Club Layouts

Member Layouts

Oake (OO Finescale) Kilve (OO Gauge)
Oake is a fictitious layout based around the Somerset village of the same name. It is assumed that Oake is a two platform station with associated yard on the Taunton to Barnstaple line, about half way between Norton Fitzwarren junction and Milverton. Follow the title link for further details and photographs. Somerset is somewhere you would probably never think of if you mentioned an Oil Rush. In fact the words Somerset and Rush very rarely share the same sentence. But it did happen. Early in the 20th century deposits of shale on the Somerset coast between Kilve and Watchet were examined for oil. This fictitious layout shows the impact of the Oil Rush on the sleepy Somerset village of Kilve.Follow the title link for further details and photographs.
Wavey Bridge (OO Gauge DCC) Wracking Railway (OO Gauge)
This layout lives up to the name. The baseboards are curved and carry a two track secondary route into a terminus station with associated freight traffic. The undulating hills dominate half of the scenic area before they give way to the town scene. The small town of Wracking is situated a couple of miles across the Welsh border near Wrexham, Whittington, Wem, and Whitchurch on the modern A525 Whitchurch to Wrexham road. This is the setting for Wracking Railway, follow the title link for further details and photographs.
Gorbriton Bay (O Gauge) Seven Ash (OO Gauge)
A new layout replacing Gorbriton Hill, representing a heritage line station with a junction with the national railway system Recreation of the iconic Old Oak Common depot set between 1967 and 1972 with the western turntable the central feature. Wide variety of renumbered and carefully weather stock on show.
Cheffley (OO Gauge)
Cheffley is a branch line terminus that might originally have been built by the LSWR. The layout shows it in Southern Railway days in the summer just before the outbreak of World war II.
Norge - A taste of Norway (OO Gauge)
Visit Norway without leaving home! Norge was built following a cruise to Scandinavia.
Red Hook Bay (HO Gauge)
Red Hook Bay is a fictitious busy seaport on the coast of Maine, USA. Besides the local fishing industry, Red Hook Bay is host to a brewery and a dairy. The town is a major transportation hub for the coastal islands off the coast of Maine and has ferry services from the wharf for both passengers and cars.

Layouts formerly built by the Club or its members that have been sold, scrapped or replaced

Winter Barton(OO Gauge) Alderton Junction (OO Gauge)
Classic two track oval design with a station and yard as the main railway focal point. The back drop to the trains is a dramatic rock face. Guaranteed to give maximum entertainment especially when Thomas is in steam! Alderton is the product of the youth section of the club. Fiddle yard to terminus construction but in recent weeks has grown considerably in size and had it's debut at Dunster by Candlelight!
Gorbriton Hill (O Gauge) Porlock Bay (O Gauge: Standard & Narrow)
A terminus to fiddle yard layout incorporating a harbour side scene, a loco shed and station. Extensive scenic detailing continues while electrical remote operation of points is installed.

A fantastic mix of O gauge standard and narrow gauge based around the Porlock Bay area of West Somerset.

Kitchener's Yard (N Gauge)
Designed to operate without a fiddle yard but to contain a large hump shunting yard as the main feature of interest. Progress is slow as track laying and scenic detailing only occurs after the bacon and sausage baps have been prepared!

Distillery Branch (OO Gauge)
A DC 'one engine in steam' branch line layout inspired by the original track plan of Fort William from the steam era. Although originally built as a Scottish lochside steam branch for passenger and local goods, it can be shown as any location between the years 1955 and 2015 by dressing with appropriate road vehicles and rolling stock. Follow the title link for further details and photographs.

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